Taxes for disregarded entity for non us resident

moataz_gnhotmail-com asked شهرين ago

Alsalam Alykom,
Dear Shady,
i have established a sole LLC in Wyoming and i need to know more about the taxes applied for my case. i have got my EIN number for teh bank account purpose but i do NOT have any employee working for me in US or have any income generated from US.
i am working in the shipping business and i want to to receive and pay payments  through my US LLC account so i need your advise please if any taxes is applied by the US for my case and when i have to submit my taxes report.  

شارك الفائدة مع أصدقائك
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شادي فريق العمل answered شهرين ago

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
الإجابة تحتاج جلسة استشارة
إذا حضرتك محتاج استشارة مباشرة ممكن طلب استشارة من عارف اكاديمي في الرابط التالي
شادي العارف